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Data Privacy

EK Zeller Oldies

The protection of your personal data is a matter of particular importance to us. For that reason we process your data exclusively on the basis of legally binding regulations (DSGVO, TKG 2003). In messages such as this one regarding data protection information, we inform you about the most important aspects of data processing in the framework of our team.

When you make contact with us, either using the form on our website or by sending us an email, the data you provide is saved by us for six months for purposes of dealing with your inquiry or in case questions in connection with that inquiry arise. These data are not given to anyone else without your express permission.

Data storage of personal client details

We store Data only for players and team statistics purposes.


Our website uses so-called cookies. These are small text files which with the help of a browser are deposited in your computer apparatus. They cause no harm, do no damage.

We use cookies in order to make our own presentation more attractive. Some cookies remain in your computer until you yourself delete them. They enable us to recognize your browser when you visit our website the next time.

If you do not desire this to take place, you can configure your browser so that you are informed about the deposition of cookies and, if you wish, can permit this only in each individual case.

When cookies are deactivated, the functionality of our website can be reduced thereby.

Web Analysis

Our website uses the functions of the Google Analytics web analysis service operated by the company Alphabet Inc. in the U.S.A. To achieve that purpose, cookies are utilised to make possible an analysis of the website use by its users. The information which is generated through this analysis is transferred to the server of the provider and stored there. The data are stored anonymously, i.e. in a fashion without attaching it to your name.

You can prevent this by configuring your browser in such a way that no cookies are stored.

Our business relationship with the web analysis provider is based on the current and applicable EU resolution on commensurability and acceptability. It is known as the “Privacy Shield”.

The data processing is then carried out on the basis of obligatory legal regulations in accordance with Article 96, section 3 of the TKG laws and Article 6, section 1, sub-section a (compliance) and/or sub-section f (justifiable interest) of the DSGVO.

It is in our interest within the framework and purposes of the DSGVO (justifiable interest) to improve our offerings and our website presentation. Since the private sphere of our website users is a matter of great importance to us, all user data are dealt with by means of pseudonyms.

Google utilises the data transferred to its keeping by the operator in order to evaluate the use of the website by its users, in order to compose analytical reports on website activities; and in order to make possible other related services in the utilisation of the website and Internet use in general.

The user data are stored for a period of 26 months.

The user can prevent the storage of the cookies in the framework of Google Analytics through the appropriate configuration of the browser software. In such a case, the user cannot take advantage of the full spread of functions on the website. The user can also prevent the reception and recording of the data generated by the cookie which relates to the use of the website, including IP address, by Google; as well as the processing of these data by Google, by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available via the following link:

For further details about conditions of use and the data protection measures regarding Google Analytics, please consult:

Activities and events

Photos and videos which are generated in the course of events or activities can be published on our website or in our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Youtube, Twitter and Flickr). If you do not agree to such photos being published, you can at any time revoke permission for them to be shown by contacting us at

Principles of processing personal data

The processing of personal data is based on strict and well defined principles which view the protection and security of the data, together with the rights of the person involved, as a matter of preeminent importance.

Lawfulness & transparency

The processing of data is carried out in a legitimate, justifiable way, adhering to articles of good faith. The person involved is accurately informed when data is acquired about the intended processing of that data and the ways in which it is to be handled. Thus, the involved person is at very least informed about the following points.

  • Who is responsible for processing the data
  • Purpose of processing the data
  • Legal basis of the data processing

    Earmarking of usage for a specific purpose

The data are requested and processed in adherence to a clearly formulated pre-determined and legitimate purpose. The processing of the data is not carried out in any way or in any form which is not compatible with these purposes.

    Minimizing data

Only those data are requested and processed which are absolutely necessary to the purpose which is given. If it is possible to accomplish that purpose which is appropriate to the costs and efforts involved, only anonymous data are processed.

    Storage limits and deletion

Personal data are deleted as soon as the purpose for which they were originally provided has been accomplished and the legal time limits of data storage provide no obstacle to their deletion. If, in an individual case, interests worthy of protection ensue from these data, the data can be stored for a longer period until the interests worthy of protection are legally settled.

    Data security

Data secrecy laws are valid and applicable to personal data. The data are to be treated confidentially when they are being processed and are protected in appropriate ways and through applicable technical support measures against unauthorised access, transmission or dissemination, as well as against loss or destruction.


Personal data are to be kept in correct, complete and currently updated form. Appropriate measures are to be taken to correct any and all incorrect, obsolete or incomplete data.

    Obligation of data secrecy

All team members are obligated to maintain data secrecy.

Data security

The security of the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data is a significant and essential task of the Zeller Oldies. That applies to personal data which is drawn from website users and to other forms of critical information. Technical and organisational security measures in accordance with state-of-the-art technology and internationally recognized best-practices and security standards have been established, have been installed and are continually being improved upon.

Data transfer

The transfer of personal data takes place only in accordance with valid and applicable laws and on a legitimate, justifiable basis, as well as giving due consideration to the highest possible degree of confidentiality and data security. In the context of coordinated processing of personally recorded data is only intended for easier execution of our Tournaments.The Zeller Oldies avails itself of a contractual service provider. this provider is contractually obligated through a provider-commission agreement to maintain the legally valid and applicable data protection regulations.

Your rights

You have fundamental rights as regards the information, correction, deletion, limitation, transferability and revocation of your data. If you believe the processing of your data violates data protection laws or your own claims to data protection rights in some way, you can lodge a complaint at the authoritative governmental body. In Austria, this is the Data Protection Agency (Datenschutzbehörde, Hohenstaufengasse 3, 1010 Wien,

To assert your claims to data protection rights, we require clear identification of the person involved.

You reach us under: