Austrian Icehockey Classic

The team of the EK Zeller Oldies was founded 1980. Since that time the Zeller oldies have been participating on several tournaments all over the world and so the former hockey players of ” EK Zell am See” got in touch with lots of other teams and hockey players. Therefore they decided to organize a tournament themselves. And with all their friends from all over the world the tournament grew bigger and bigger over time.

  • The traditional tournament of the Zeller Oldies is a sporting and social highlight, which takes place every two years now for the 17th time. The most important component of the tournament, besides the sporting competition, is the social aspect. Since 1988 thousands of hockey fans have enjoyed their stay in the center of Europe.

The tournament takes place end of September/beginning of October and starts Wednesday at 6am. It finishes with our victory ceremony during our Hockey Night on Saturday. All the teams should plan their arrival and duration of their stay accordingly – every team must be able to play their first game on the first day of the tournament, if necessary.

In response to many requests as well as in consideration of travel times the tournament will officially end with the Hockey Night at the Castle Kaprun.

The victory ceremony will take place at 9pm – trophies and medals will be presented to the team captains and afterwards we will commence our Hockey Night with an open end. We`ll have several live bands and yes, the Hurricanes will also be back.

The official castle evening at the historic Kaprun Castle is an essential part of the tournament with a high organizational and financial effort and therefore obligatory for all participants. Accordingly a fee per player, which will be invoiced in advance with the tournament fee, will help cover the costs of the exclusive castle rental, several live bands, folklore performance, transfers, including 2 drinks. As every team should consist of a minimum of 11 players, we have taken this number as a basis for our calculations. If a team has more than 11 players we will recalculate your costs at the beginning of the tournament.

COVID requirements can change the course of the tournament evening or lead to the cancellation of this part of the event! In the case of cancellation, the payments made for the castle evening will be refunded!

Hockey Night tickets for non-players will be available at the tournament office.

All participants have the opportunity to consume their dinner beforehand – the bus shuttles to the Castle Kaprun will start from 8pm. The entry wristbands and drink vouchers for the castle will be given to you at the beginning of the tournament. Late entries possible in the tournament office.


The 2nd Austrian Icehockey Classic Golf Trophy will take place on Tuesday, September 26th.

You will find the invitation and announcement of the golf trophy here.

It would be great to welcome many participants.